Monday, 2 March 2015

Art and Design

Last weekend saw two events running concurrently.  The Cape Town International Art Fair and the Design Indaba 2015.  What was very interesting as I went to the Art Fair was the fact that some of the exhibits to me were craft or design rather than art.  This fair focusses on African artists, promoted by local as well as international galleries. The different media represented were absolutely amazing, some combinations that I had never seen before. There were sculptures in blown glass, bronze and wood, and pictures in oil, watercolour, mixed media, lithographs, metal, textiles and more.

The difference in the works ranged from realistic to abstract, conservative to challenging, some uplifting, some quite depressing and not something I would like to have in my home, but most of them thought provoking.  Some had titles that helped to understand what the artist was trying to express, some left it to one's interpretation.  At a conversation yesterday my friend Elbe said that she finds the artist's comments very helpful to look at an artwork with different eyes, which I found very interesting.  Elbe is very involved in arts and crafts and has just launched her second book on this subject on Friday, so I really appreciate her opinion.  Anyway, I was completely overwhelmed after having seen so many different works and have attached a photo of a work which is not a wood cut or lino cut but a pencil drawing!  I had to look very closely to actually see the pencil marks.  Hope you enjoy this!

Artist: Cameron Platter
Title: You

Artist: Nature
Title: Moth in our kitchen yard

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Fun Outings

February is a wonderful month in Cape Town.  Although this year we had a lot more wind than usual we had fabulous hot weather.  The vibe in Camps Bay is definitely holiday time. One of the most enjoyable things to do for us is to go and have lunch with our return guests, most of whom have become good friends.  Henni and Walter Ploog first stayed with us many years ago, and this year Walter's brother also came to visit for a while.  So Chris got out his old XK120 Jaguar and off we went to Hout Bay for a seafood lunch at Mariner's Wharf, overlooking the beach.  What a wonderful way to spend a sunny summer's afternoon!

Chris' favourite car

Lunch on the deck at Mariner's Wharf

The beautiful Hout Bay Beach

Monday, 23 February 2015

Load Shedding

You may all know that we are having real problems in South Africa at the moment due to lack of planning and maintenance of our power stations.  We have been through a similar situation a few years ago and installed a UPS system for our private area so we had some lights, computers and TV still running while the rest of the house was in darkness.
As we have many guests who love watching live sports events and movies in the evening when relaxing we have now installed the same for the Penthouse and the Suite.  No need to ever worry again about sitting in the dark while on holiday at Camps Bay Terrace!
We are planning to do the same for the Lodge and Palm Suite - watch this space!

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Special Events

On 10 February we had the great honour to host a wedding ceremony at the Lodge for the first time.  This was not the usual young couple with hundreds of guests, but a very private affair. The guests wanted a small, intimate event, with apparently only six people knowing about their plan!  I was so excited and was hoping for good weather as it started as quite a gray day with a few drops of rain in the morning. Luckily it cleared beautifully in the afternoon and was perfect for the ceremony.  The guests were kind enough to send me photos and allowed me to post them on my news blog!  A wonderful backdrop for a great couple!  Thank you, Keith and Sam!  Wishing you many more years of happiness together!

 Signing the register

 Toasting with friends

 Doesn't she look lovely!

Monday, 26 January 2015

Only in Africa!

I can't help posting what I found today in our letter box!  It is just another reason why living in Africa is so interesting!  If anyone of you needs help..............................

Thursday, 22 January 2015


We were sitting having lunch on our pool deck when I suddenly spotted some activity in the ocean.  Chris rushed to get the binoculars and we could not believe what we saw.  Two Southern Right Whales!  Their distinctive V-shaped blow due to their two blow holes makes it easy to identify them from afar.  They  were milling around quite close to the shore showing their flippers and tails without any particular hurry.  It was such a surprise and lovely to watch.  Their usual time in our waters is from May to November when they move back into the Antarctic where they feed on krill.  They do not feed in our waters at all, they come to our coasts to mate and to calve.  They were called the Right Whale by the early whalers as they have so much blubber that they could float for a long time in the sea after being harpooned. When industrial whaling started in the early 20th century huge numbers were taken annually and levels were so low that hunting Right Whales was banned as early as 1937.  Since the ban numbers have increased and it looks as things are looking up for these gentle giants.  Seeing endangered species making progress makes me optimistic for the future of this wonderful planet.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Ageing with difficulty

One positive thing about aging is that you are meant to become more tolerant, wiser and careful.  But it does not always work that way.  Running up and down tiled wet stairs is a case in point.  Which ended in a spectacular fall landing hard on my posterior and being quite painful.  All this because we were looking after our grandchildren - not that they are to blame - it is just that I find it difficult not to run or do things that maybe I should no longer do.
Every time somebody mentions the "Golden Years" which are a way your later years in life seem to be described I want to scream.  Waking up with little aches and pains here and there, slowing down, not being able to do as much as you would like to do, is that so great?  I ask you.  Looking after the grandchildren is a wonderful experience and I would not miss it, but afterwards I am exhausted.  Nobody prepares you for this. 
Looking around me when I go shopping I see a lot of elderly people and I am terrified to start looking that way.  They seem to be so resigned, so slow, bent backs, shuffling, hearing aids, walking sticks, not that there is anything wrong with that in your old age, but how can I escape that?  Any suggestions?  Apart from a glass or two of wine which seems to help us!