Sunday, 2 August 2015

West Side Story

We are very fortunate to have the Artscape Opera House in Cape Town where almost every production is short of marvellous.  Cape Town also has a big number of classical music lovers who patronise most performances to sell out stage.

We went to watch "West Side Story" last Friday and were absolutely blown away.  The performers, the scenery, the choreography, the lighting, everything was incredible.  To realize that we have such an amazing amount of talent right here is very uplifting.  No wonder there were standing ovations at the end. Obviously this particular story, based on Romeo and Juliet, cannot leave you untouched.  It is classical, emotional, inspirational and the outstanding music appeals to a wide spectrum of people.  It was good to see so many young people in the audience who hopefully will continue supporting this important venue.

If you are in Cape Town don't miss this performance, it is worth it!

The auditorium seats 1487 with provision for two wheelchairs. 
There are 23 rows of seats in the stalls and 8 rows on the balcony. 
The distance from curtain to back rows are respectively 26.10m and 29.70m

Go and enjoy! 


  1. This is the best theater show ever! This has been a big hit.

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  2. Definitely a perfect show! I've seen few videos showcasing Cape Town talents. It is just so incredible!
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  3. Absolutely an amazing show! Cape town is awesome too. Thanks for sharing! contact us

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  5. Check this out!

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  7. Cant wait to visit the theater again since I've been to Cape Town.

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  9. This is really wonderful! I can't wait to see more and I hope we'll always be stay.

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