Friday 2 January 2015

Happy New Year

New Year's Eve was an absolutely beautiful day with high temperatures and no wind.  Chris and I sat on our pool deck until dark, not sure whether to stay up until midnight or go to bed, when we suddenly decided to take a walk down to the beach and see what is going on.
It was such a wonderful idea, the beach was perfect!  People had brought candles, some had made light circles around their group, some let fireworks off, some had the paper bag/ballon candles that we first saw in Thailand and that drifted into the dark sky, it was magical.
All the restaurants were packed and in most of them people were dancing the night away.  Party buses came through with revellers, everybody cheered and there were lots of Happy New Year greetings.  It was peaceful, joyful, happy, no drunkenness, no violence, a lot of goodwill by all.
We made no resolutions, we just enjoyed the beautiful morning of the New Year and hope that all our family, friends and guests had a good start as well!

New Year's Eve
Happy New Year