Monday 23 February 2015

Load Shedding

You may all know that we are having real problems in South Africa at the moment due to lack of planning and maintenance of our power stations.  We have been through a similar situation a few years ago and installed a UPS system for our private area so we had some lights, computers and TV still running while the rest of the house was in darkness.
As we have many guests who love watching live sports events and movies in the evening when relaxing we have now installed the same for the Penthouse and the Suite.  No need to ever worry again about sitting in the dark while on holiday at Camps Bay Terrace!
We are planning to do the same for the Lodge and Palm Suite - watch this space!


  1. Load shedding these days are really a mess especially for the students and government should take legal notice about this. Thank you for sharing the latest issues

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  3. That's an awesome plan. Pretty sure that many will love it! Demolition Tampa, FL