Saturday, 27 June 2015

Kruger Park

From Limpopo we took a beautiful route along the Soutpansberg travelling East to the top end of the Kruger National Park.  We have never visited this wonderful park this early in the season.  It meant that everything was still green and lush, and not the best time for game viewing according to old established thinking.  What a surprise lay ahead of us.  Not only are the National Parks Camps beautiful, they are also well equipped and very comfortable.  On our first day driving south from Punda Maria to Mopani Rest Camp we had the most eventful day.

Not only did we see more game than we anticipated, we also saw unusal behaviour, like a secretary bird catching a snake, an elephant trying to mate in the river, as well as beautiful plants we could not name.

  A ground hornbill

 The secretay bird with the snake in its beak

A well deserved beer after a day's game viewing


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  5. It sounds like you had an incredible experience traveling along the Soutpansberg to the top end of the Kruger National Park. Despite visiting early in the season when game viewing may not be at its best, you were pleasantly surprised by the abundance of wildlife and unique behaviors you witnessed. Thank you for sharing your experience, and I hope you have many more adventures like this in the future.

  6. Something to look forward to our future visits with my team. Quick question, do you need Tray cable on that place?