Monday 22 December 2014


Monty is a very unhappy dog.  Friday evening he started to show a bit of a limp.  Saturday he was not happy to get out of his basket, although when we went to the beach he was as always, running up the stairs, walking down the road perfectly well, having a little splash in the ocean and going home without any problems.
Yesterday he had trouble coming up the stairs and was limping all the way to the beach and back on three legs!  We are so upset and so is he.  His favourite friend, the vet, is on holiday.  Now we have to nurse him until 8 January and are hoping for the best.  A bit of ham encouraged him to get up from his basket and walk to the kitchen.  A ride in the car made him smile, and we are off to the beach to see what happens today. Will keep you posted..................

Sorry, can't manage the stairs!  Help me!


  1. Monty limps to get attention - he is like a rocket on the beach!

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