Friday 19 December 2014

On the Beach

Wednesday 17 December was a beautiful day.  The howling wind of the last few days had stopped, the temperature was 27 degrees, the sun was shining, it was perfect!  Over the last year the Camps Bay Beach Front has seen a really amazing change.  The grassy area between the Beach Road and the Beach has been transformed into an urban beach promenade that is really lovely.  A paved path with gentle curves goes along most of the beach and many benches have been placed to allow for a break with gorgeous views of this great beach.

Strolling along there are the most interesting pieces of art installed to the enjoyment and use of all. We have seen many visitors sitting on the thrones - who would not like to feel like a king or queen? Look at our dogs - they were perfect examples!  

 Men at work!

I love the families having picknicks, and the ladies showering after a cold swim!  Enjoy the photographs and come visit.


  1. Habe eben Dein Mail gelesen. Ich bin froh, dass es Chris und Dir gut geht. Deine Bilder machen machen die 319 Tage bis wir wieder beu Euch sind ein wenig erträglicher. Ich FREUE mich riesig.
    P.S. Endlich wieder ein Blog ;-)

  2. What a nice day! I also want to experience this.